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Forward domain DNS settings

How to setup DNS settings to forward a domain?

Domain is main root for your data to project your content or images or videos to publish and each and every one who have interested subjects or collect data such as like food, health, technical, computer troubleshooting, educational tips and tricks and so on.

Computer knows only machinery language, coding and some instruction developed through the high level language, middle level language such as C, C++, Java script, PHP, SAP, ORCALE, Dot Net, CSS, HTML, HTML5 and so on. There are lot of things have to setup a website and DNS settings to crawl,index, fetching data URLs through google search console data base.

First we need one topic to develop a website blog posts, for an example as we have taken title name as computer world, then after posted all related about computer such as PC hardware, computer hardware solutions, software tips, desktop tips, printer tips, mobile tips and etc., for basic understand purpose.

Now we need to do DNS settings for your website or your domain, after buy domain then need to do DNS settings such as custom resource records, Domain Forward, Glue records, Name servers and Mail MX.

In DNS settings first we required to mapping the IP address to your domain like example: google Domain here need to give IP address in the glue records from already allotted name server's as (ns1 or ns-cloud-d1.googledomains.com, ns2 or ns-cloud-d2.googledomains.com, ns3 or ns-cloud-d3.googledomains.com and ns4 or ns-cloud-d4.googledomains.com). Now go to Glue records and type host name as “ns1 or ns-cloud-d1” to IP- mapping.

After completed mapping to IP address. Example like House is Domain or website, in house have some rooms, like bed rooms, hall, kitchen, drawing room and guest room. It also same like Domain forward settings, to give subdomain name like inside house rooms, based on your website content or posts data, pick names or word from website content like computer, PC, tips, blog, printer, scanner, so on as per your requirement.

forward DNS records, web forwarding, DNS records
Synthetic records | Screen shot image-1

No go to Domain forward DNS settings in google domain or registered domain with login and password to enter for DNS settings.

Go to Synthetic records and give subdomain field as example: PC and give in destination URL is example: https://www. Example..com before doing click on “Add” button, see options like Temporary redirect (302) or Permanent redirect (301) selection part. If select temporary redirect (302) means store in server in few time and clear the data in server, if select permanent redirect (301) it store permanently in server or data base. Select any as per your decision and click on Add, after 24 or 48 hours it will redirect from subdomain name to https of your website.

Canonical Name, ALIAS Records, URL Redirect
Domain forward-Cname | Screen shot image-2

Then, you will complete redirect from subdomain see in Domain forward and available with CNAME type and google total configure out of your subdomain (see screen shot image-1).

DNS servers, configuration, DNS forwarding
DNS Forward settings | Screen shot image-3

If you want to add more then select in Domain forward and click on “Manage” (see screen shot image -2) then, get already configured wizard see bottom and click on “Edit forwarding”(see screen shot image-3), then select “Advanced options”(see below screen shot).

redirects, Redirecting, DNS server configuration
Https Redirect type | Screen shot image-4

As we know Redirect Type select as per your requirement either select Permanent redirect (301) or Temporary redirect (302) (see screen shot above) and scroll down select “Path Forwarding” have two options like and “Forward path” and “Do not forward”, best to select any option and don’t change default settings then, click on “Forward” option (see below scree shot image-5).

Configuration, directory, DNS names
DNS settings path forward | Screen shot image-5

It will take with in one or few hours it will ready to redirect from subdomains (Subdomain can create up to 100 label/names, when creating subdomain first time it will take time to redirect need to wait for 24 hours then, after want to add more it will change with in few hours to redirects new subdomains).

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