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DNS settings

What is google cloud and DNS settings?

The most powerful configuration in google cloud, which have given more options and settings as per our requirement of the projects, google cloud is a storage data, CPU configuration, Ram usage, processor speed, storage disk drive space and many more feature are available, but need some technical stuff to operate the google cloud platform.

It was launched on April-7-2008, written coding in Java, C++, Go, Ruby, Python, URL is cloud.google.com, The google cloud locations are Asia, North America, South America and Australia. The google cloud is use for web application, App engine and google hardware. The best is computer Engine, Cloud storage and BigQuery for free of charge, it is based on cost usage of services like, storage, ram speed, processor speed, etc.

DNS records, Host Name, DNS server
Cloud Project Name | Screen shot-1

Few settings to know about how to configure of cloud DNS settings, go to google cloud and provide login and password and after completed free credit step, then you will find the project name of your project, here available like Project name: xyz bill, Project ID: xyz-matter-123456, project number: 111111222222, this the information about your project (see screen shot-1).

global network, DNS Network, Cloud DNS
Cloud Network setup | Screen shot-2

Go to left top side corner and click drop-down list and get options are Recent, IAM & Admin, APIs & Services, Cloud storage, Network services, VPC network, Compute Engine and many more (see screen shot-2).

Cloud DNS, google search console, IP address
Network services | Cloud DNS | Screen shot-3

Here, we need to set up cloud DNS settings, before adding we need website or domain to mention the required filed and desire name to go further step. After select Cloud DNS here we need to give or create records such as mapping IP address, NS records, A, AAAA, CNAME, TXT, MX, etc.,

Cloud domain server, IP config, Mapping domain
Cloud DNS | Mapping | Screen shot-4

When mapping the IP address to your domain in few minutes it will provide google name servers, they are four name servers like ns-cloud-x1 to x4 store data of your domain and SOA store your domain in domain server.

Now, go to google search console and validate your URL with google cloud platform and provide TXT from google search console from settings select ownership verification of TXT copy and paste in cloud DNS by new create records select type TXT and paste in destination field Ex: “google-site-verification=xxxxxx1x3-1xxxxxxx12xyyyyy-xYxxx1xxx2342”, then go to google search console and press validate button, it show’s with green color as successful validated.

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