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Blogger Custom Redirects trick

How to change old URL to new URL in blogger settings?

The blogger is most and helpful of our website or blog posts. Actually, when post the article or blog content, then it will generate unique URL of the website domain, example: (www .your webiste.com/article-url.html).

Now let’s start the procedure to change the old URL to New URL of your website post or pages.

website URL, Redirects URL, Blogger settings, Custom Redirects stuff
Blogger Custom Redirects | Screen shot -1

When we develop content and post the article public, in a few days you want to change the post article URL, then you should go to blogger login dashboard and click the left side posts option and find which you want to change the post article URL and click to open at the right side have few options like "Preview, Update, Post settings and Permalink so on".

Revert to draft, Post URL, Custom Redirects tips
Blogger Custom Redirects | Screen shot -2

If you see at old URL in the permalink option then you need to go Preview drop down list and select "Revert to draft" and now go back to post list menu. Again click the same URL post article and go to right side menu list and select the "Permalink", there have two options that is "Automatic Permalink" and "Custom Permalink".

Blogger post URL, Blogger URL not working, How to change URL
Blogger Custom Redirects | Screen shot -3

Now select the option "Custom Permalink", and change as you desire title or New URL name and click update. See the Sample screenshot-3 for your reference.

Post URL error, Blogger URL error, Change URL
Blogger Custom Redirects | Screen shot -4

The New URL address link work well, if you begin the today article no need to suffer and continue it, If you have changed the old URL used in few days or few months or years, the URL is not exist post content or article or 404 error, then see the screenshot-4 for your reference. If you don't want to see that errors, then again you have other task to change old URL to New URL settings in blogger.

Now go to the blogger dashboard "Settings" option and select the option “Errors and redirects” and have two types one is "Custom 404" and other one is "Custom redirects", now select the option "Custom redirects".

Blogger redirects URL, Change old URL, Change new URL
Blogger Custom Redirects | Screen shot -6

In the Custom redirect wizard appear with two options like "From:" and "To:", here you need to give Old URL in "From:" field and New URL in "To:" field. Only post article URL address not with your website homepage, it is already indicate with forward slash /. Now click "Permanent", if you like or temporary then click OK.

Here, finish the steps of your website post article URL "custom redirects blogger settings". It will work perfect of old URL to New URL redirects the posts content or article of your website posts.

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