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what is Gsm Gprs module embedded

What is the use of GSM or GPRS module interface with Microcontroller 8051?

The embedded system is an electronic component, which we make a mini or major projects. In the embedded system have developed tools kit, which is PCB AT89C51 board, RF module, Zigbee module, GSM or GPRS module and Wi-Fi connections and so on…

The developed projects tool kit was essential for the project implementation. If you didn’t found any device in market, then you can try to develop the device.

Let’s take an example: If you want to wireless communication of three phase submersible motor pump want to operate as ON and OFF, with your mobile phone or remote.

Computer Technical Stuff, RF module, Zigbee module, GSM or GPRS module and Wi-Fi
GSM / GPRS Module interfacing with 8051 | Relay

If you have a agriculture in your hometown, and also have submersible motor pump for water to the crop plantation in the agriculture field i.e., irrigation requirement implementation. If you are staying out of station or long distance at the other place, then you can prefer this GPRS module or Zigbee module both or wireless communication, but the range of distance of GSM / GPRS and Zigbee were different.

If you are staying out of station then consider the GSM / GPRS module, if you are staying near the place of range between 1feet to 1km then, consider module of Zigbee.

GPRS module or Zigbee module
Zigbee module | Range 1m to 1km

You need SIM chord with recharge balance to operate the GSM / GPRS module is required. The communication modules can operate through commands with SMS in your mobile phone give below few commands for your reference. It will STOP and START the submersible motor pump through SMS commands for paddy or any type of water required crop cultivation to get good production from agricultural fields. 

AT commands for GSM / GPRS module interfacing with micro controller 8051
Microcontroller 8051 | PCB board

To operate through AT commands for GSM / GPRS module interfacing with micro controller 8051 to operate with Mobile phones, computer and remote.

Phone control Command

  • AT+CGMM means “Request model identification”
  • AT+CGMR means “Request revision identification”
  • AT+CSQ means “Signal quality”
  • AT+CBC means “Battery charge”
  • AT+CGMI means “Request manufacturer identification”

SMS Text mode command

  • AT+CSMS means “Select message service”
  • AT+CMGR means “Read message”
  • AT+CMGS means “Send message”
  • AT+CMSS means “Send message from storage”
  • AT+CMGW means “Write message to memory”
  • AT+CMGD means “Delete message”
  • AT+CPMS means “Preferred message storage”
  • AT+CMGF means Message format
  • AT+CRES means “Restore settings”
  • AT+CNMI means “New message indications to TE”

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