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what is the server and networking pc

How to setup server and networking for small business?

The server is the database of information or data by software it is one storage device and have high configuration to store the huge data in to the server.

Internet server, networking, Topology
My computer | Partition drive |Screenshot-1

First we need few computers and one is for main for server with high configuration, such as RAM, ROM, Processor, Motherboard and UPS. It must have a LAN chords, then after remaining computers may have minimum configuration of present generation requirements.

For server requires that is operating system like Windows Server 2003 have some versions to upgrade the software’s fast and reliable purpose of database. The most important point is router or Hub to receive and send information or synchronize the data from server to user computer.

Server name, computer sharing, network connection
Server-Data properties | Advanced sharing | Screenshot-2

The server and other computer must have LAN chords or Ethernet onboard to connect the LAN wires. The data transfer by setting up the “Network settings” with few IP configurations ex: or and so on…

The server is a computer hardware and software i.e., computer programs. Typically the servers are used for web servers, application servers, game servers, file servers, database servers and many more. 

Communication networking, internet sharing, LAN chords
Server named | Network Icon | Screenshot-3

As we know the servers or file transfer from one computer to another computer data destruction through LAN chords, WAN chords or MAN chords. Some have router connection like star topology, ring topology, mesh topology, bus topology and hybrid topology for communication network. The best topology is “Mesh Topology”.

Let’s go to configure the Server and IP address network setup and from here reference of Screenshot-1 to Screenshot-5 to finish the task.

First go to “My Computer” and select the best drive for network share drive, and give name as “Server-Data” and click right button mouse and select properties and get wizard as “Server-data” properties and select the “Advanced sharing” option and give share name as “Main Server” and click OK, then after see the server-data drive with network communication icon visible.

Computer server IP, IP address, big data server
LAN settings properties | IP config | Screenshot-4

Now go to network (Internet Protocol) IP address, you need to go to control panel and select “Network and Internet” option and “Network and Sharing Center” or address bar look like this Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network and Sharing Center and click on “Local Area Connection properties” and select the option is “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” and click “Properties”,

Networking topology, Star Topology, Mesh Topology
TCP/IP properties | IP address | Screenshot-5

then you will appear wizard IP settings, here you need to give the IP address, click on Use the following IP address and give the IP address: and Subnet mask:, if you like to give default or may not of default gateway IP address: and click OK.

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