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Why Stories Important

What are the uses of stories?

Stories is an important of our life and not every man in general understands it properly. To say that an event has been shaped to describe an event is to start the story so that it is for every man.

What is going to happen in the future will be known in our stories.

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Those, who make sense with leather dolls when we don’t understand them properly, we learn a lot from stories and even think of unknown things in form. When we don’t understand when any problem comes up we say tell some events to make sense on them.

Stories need more young children because they know nothing what the brain will be very lovingly told Moon stories, Fables Struggling (a short tale to teach a moral lesson), Stories Difficulty and Rhymes are poems that are understandable to young children.

When we do not understand our life properly, we take stories like Ramayana, Mahabharata, and Bhagavatam to solve our problems.

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Simply put, the goodness of a value of asset in the story and it brings a healthy peace of mind. Stories are what every man needs through which we got out of trouble. Some people have to explain very carefully when they do not understand properly.

Stories lead our lives because of the way we reach the top and what kind of stories we need to direct. Every day we need to know each and every one of them so that we can correct our life with stories.

Some of the stories, we use in the form of music or songs etc., we use to know what we mean and how we feel.

Each of us changes in difficult form. We learn this story of his in our life when someone does not understand properly

If we want to know the stories, in the market or online store available, we should bring story books and read this evening or morning or free time to get knowledge or wisdom.

Every man must know that everything about the life stories, in order to increase knowledge is our life with the stories.

What we mean by animation these days is that our old childhood stories in the form of animation about short films through Maya software, we can create with motion graphics or 3D Software's.

If we want to be a scientist, our parents to remind us about Abdul Kalam, Bill Gates, Albert Einstein and many more.

When we are in depressed our friends, relatives and parents tell us some stories and take care of our suffering to come out the depression.

These days, short films are being made with animation software’s to tell the story. Rhyme poems are made for children with animated video or short films.

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We needs to know in advance, how to be good with someone in order to be disciplined through stories only.

The stories is most important of our life, it gives solutions and perfection of our life. If you don’t understand clear or confusion, then start reading or write stories to overcome from situations.

Now, we clear know about the concept of “why stories” important of our life.

Computer Technical Stuff of Topics 22.

Lighting in Maya - Need to light “ON” by press the key “7”

Color settings in Maya - Color is to give the beauty of character.

Camera setup in Maya - Create the stories with story board.

Rigging in Maya - The main one is Joint Tool, Ik Handle Tool.

Glass in Maya - The entire glass you have to draw EP curve.

Car drive rigging in Maya - Add Attribute, Expression, Set Driven Key.

Render settings in Maya - For best quality settings can use HD720 videos.