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what is the pc computer management

How to know the hard disk storage and computer management?

The computer is a daily usage of our life; it is a great use for huge data to store, security, protection, share, etc., it is mostly for educational, business, professionals, industries, students and many more. Computer is a save lot of time and energy.

Computers hardware have different parts such as, Motherboard, CPU, Processor, RAM, ROM, Hard Disk, CD-ROM, USB, Ethernet, LAN Chord, PCI Slots, Printers, Scanners, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Keyboard, Mouse, Speaker, Mic, LCD Monitor,  SMPS Power supply, Cabinet, Graphic chord, display chord or VGA cable, CPU power cable, Monitor power cable, CMOS battery, SIMM slot, DIMM slot, Processor Heat sink, Heat sink fan and Power connectors female.

Computer have some software to operate the task, like operating systems or OS like XP, Windows 7, 8, 10, Linux, Unix, Mac, Apple etc., and also like MS office 2003, 2007, 2010 and many more version. If you want middle and high level language software like, C, C++, Python, PHP, Oracle, SQL, DBA, Java script, embedded C, embedded Assemble language, Android and many more with latest versions.

What is Hard disk, HD storage, Disk management
Computer Management | My Computer  | Manage

Now, have to know the hard disk storage and computer management to get information of usage and disk management.

First, to know hard disk storage then, go to Computer and click right button and select manager, then you will appear as “Computer management”, and have two types that is “Device Manager” and “Disk Management”.

See the below snap shot for your reference.

Disk manager, Computer Management, device manager
Device Manager | Compute Management

The Device Manager is a different operating system such as, The computer have ACPI x86-based PC.

For Disk drives have Disk drive. For Display adapter have NVIDIA GeForce G210 for graphic use like Gaming, 3D Animation Etc.,

For IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers. Have Intel ATA Storage controllers and Intel N10/ICH7 Family Serial ATA Storage Controller.
For Network adapters, Have Atheros AR8152/8158 PCI-E Fast Ethernet Controller (NDIS 6.20) of Processors have Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E5700 @ 3.00GHz.

To know the Disk Management, it is a drive partition data or information to know the space of the computer. The computers have some formats like FAT32 and NTFS, while formatting the system or install the OS or operating system. The first we have to consider that is drive is C drive the main path or main root to operate the operating system. If you have total hard disk GB is 500GB, then you need to change to partition to store the data like as give the GB like 50GB, 40GB, 60GB as you full fill the GB of 500. 

Computer management, Device management, computer management
Computer management | Device Management

If you planned about your project like software of Maya then, you need to create original data in specific data to store. Once the project comes or output will be final to determine the project.

To know the storage of your project, the Disk Management tells you, how to find the best drive or partition of your project.
The computer management is best to know the device and disk management for your requirement. It is very useful of your project with low and sage budget of your project.

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