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what is ms dos command vs robots

What is the different between Ms-Dos and Robots txt?

The main intention of this interesting part with Ms-Dos and Robots txt, we already know about the Ms-Dos as early studied about the Ms-Dos command prompt.

In the Dos command using by internal and external commands, but Dos is only for single user interface through command syntax, such type of commands likes, CD means Change the Directory, MD means Make the Directory, TYPE means text data, RENAME or REN means folder name or file name have to rename it.

These commands are called the internal command. For external commands such as, Xcopy means copy file and paste the file, Prompt, Shutdown, Diskpart, Format, etc.,

ms dos, command prompt, computer bots
Screenshot 1 | Internal commands

The above screenshot 1 is an example to understand the concept of command and data retrieving from storage or hard-disk such commands like, CD, MD, text file and Data only, who have knowledge on CMD or command syntax, clear to know about Robots issues.

You can do experiment above command in to your computer of laptop or desktop, then go to “RUN” from start menu or Press key “Win + R”, then type the CMD or command and press enter to executive CMD exe the command application, here need to start the internal and external command.

If you want to know commands, just type as ‘help?’ it will prompt all related type of command and descriptions.

Other best useful of our daily life to improve your computer speed or any damaged in Hard disk, then type the command as “CHKDSK”, it means check the disk from the storage of database or Hard disk.

It was check the Hard disk information is have any bad sector, bad files, byte allocation unit, total disk space, used files, free space with measurement through the “KB”, kilo bytes – 1024 bytes = 1KB, 1024 KB = 1MB, 1024MB = 1GB and 1024GB = 1TB. KB means Kilo bytes, MB means Mega bytes, GB means Giga bytes and TB means Tera bytes.

chkdsk,  Ms Dos
Screenshot 2 | Command CHKDSK

You can type “CHKDSK” for verify your information to get any errors in Hard disk, see the screenshot 2 for your reference, showing message like, total disk space, bad sectors, index, etc.

The same usually uses in robots. txt have similarly like CMD or Ms-Dos. If you have knowledge you can easily operate the “Robots. txt” syntax. Let’s go to the Robots txt execution commands.

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