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How to do lighting in Maya

How to use Lights in Maya?

The lighting is for to view the object in darkness or night time. In the films, we use lighting for scenes and beautiful look. It creates the wonderful look for every scene. It is essential for animation films, in the animation have the software, may have different lights. Let’s start the light creating on the object or background affects settings.

First take the object in the three D view and give a color to the object. If you want to know about that, how to “color the object” click on it.

animation lighting, lighting camera stuff
Screenshot 1 | Sphere Object

After colored on the object, here taken the color was “blue”, then after go to menu bar and select the “create” and have drop down list and select the “Lights” and go and select the “Point light”. If you want other lights like Ambient light, Directional lights, Point light, Spot light, Area light and Volume light.

Point light, Directional lights, Area lights, Volume light, Spot light.
Screenshot 2 | Lights

Mostly, use the light in the animation projects is the best way is “Point light” and “Directional light”.

After selected the “Point light” then, go to three D view and appear like small light symbol with red color.

light reflect, animation light stuff
Screenshot 3 | Light ON

After that, select the point light and move to nearest place, you want to look the object. After that, you need to light “ON” by press the key “7” from the keyboard. It will glow light around the object with good look or beauty of nature.

If you want to change the “Intensity” of the color of light, then select the light and press “CNTRL + A” then after, you will get on the right side will get the related about the light attribute. Here, have the color and intensity. You can know adjust the intensity by use the adjustment through arrow.

intensity color, light color animation stuff
Screenshot 4 | Light Intensity

If you can change the light color then click on color tab with white color, after click it you will appear the entire color settings will get. As per your requirement, you can change the color light of your task.

Intensity, color attribute, color settings, pixel stuff
Screenshot 5 | Light color adjustment

While doing the light on the object, you must aware on the render settings, in the render settings is give the quality of the HD image or HD video output.

After render settings did well, and then you can check the render every time about the quality of the HD image or video scenes with low quality like 320 pixel or 640 pixel, use frequently to get best output, after you feel good one, then change the quality to HD like HD 720, HD 1024 or 2024 of final output.

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