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How to do glass in Maya

How to make glass in Maya?

Know a days more people interested and passion in animation making. You can make different scene like nature, building, tress, water, rain, fog, clouds, sun, moon etc. If you want required object like table, chair, glass, cups, pot, tub etc., we can create as many things of requirement to our project. We have going to create glass in Maya, let’s see.

Open Maya software and select front view from four views. In front views go to menu and select import the image or picture from your computer, which have already download images from google or any other source.

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Screenshot 1 | Channel Box

After that go to channel box and change the “Image center Z” to -30 and also you can change the image center X or Y to adjust the image as per your requirement and don’t change anything in channel box after settings.

The second step is go to menu bar click “Create” and you will get drop down list or options and select the “EP curve tool”, see the screenshot for your reference. In the screenshot have green color curve will visible the EP curve.

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Screenshot 2 | Create | EP Curve Tool

The entire glass you have to draw EP curve half of the glass of border side. Now go to 3D view it look only curve.

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Screenshot 3 | Three D View

You have to select the curve and go to the menu bar and left side select “Surface” and go to menu list and select the “Surface” then click the “Revolve” option, then you will appear the revolve wizard and go to edit and select the “Reset settings” and click “Apply” and close it. In the three D view you will create the glass.

Surface, Revolve, Loft, Planar, Extrude, Biral
Screenshot 4 | Surface | Revolve

In surface option have Revolve, Loft, Planar, Extrude, Biral, Boundary, Square, Bevel and Bevel plus. For every option is related to EP curve when create the shape or object you can use this option of easy way.

Revolve Options, Reset settings anime stuff
Screenshot 5 | Revolve Options | Reset Settings

This is the best feature in Maya to create or model any object for the projects. You can build as many things, if you want as per your requirement.

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Screenshot 6 | Revolve Apply

If you have facing any issue or problem when comes, just reset the settings or default. So, when doing modify default sometimes will not work properly, just need to reset the item or object. 

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Screenshot 7 | Output | Glass in Maya

After created object or character finally go to menu bar and select edit and clear the history. Which already removed or deleted the object, curves, color editing, etc., it will confuse in outline, after completed the task just clean the history.

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