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What is the color settings in Maya

How to use Color settings in Maya?

The color is to give the beauty of character, house, set design, table, chairs, cloths, shirts, hairs, lips, eye’s, trees, land, surface, water, rock, materials, weapons, vegetables,  fruits, etc.

Color is the characteristic of visual perception, it has described through color categories, with the name of like Orange, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple. The quality of an object or light of reflected by the object. It is normally use to define by visually by measurement of hue, saturation, thickness, brightness of the reflected light.

For every object or item have different usage of color. In the Maya applications have to give life or beauty of any object or materials. Let’s see few steps in color to object.

ocean shader, phong, blinn
Screenshot 1 | Assign New Material

First create any object in Maya application here, we had created the sphere, after select the sphere and click the right button from mouse then select the “Assign New Material”. You will appear one coloring tool, here select the “Lambert” or any kind of options as per your requirement, like as Anisotropic, Blinn, Cgfx shader, Hair Tube Shader, Lambert, Layered Shader, Ocean Shader, Phong, Phone E, Ramp Shader, Shading Map, Surface Shader, etc.

color settings, maya tutorial
Screenshot 2 | Lambert

If you consider any of above color options, you have to configure the measurement of color the object. Color is the essential subject of the project. It creates and identification of the incident or events. Some of options are very sensitive settings with Phong, Ramp Shader and Ocean Shader.

animation subject, maya subject
Screenshot 3 | Color type

If you select the “Lambert” then you will appear right side above object coloring feature. Click on the “gray” color, then you will get full color related things, you can give any color as per your requirement. In this color settings need to focus on the object to get the best quality of the animation film.

color settings, object lighting
Screenshot 4 | Color adjustment

If you want to change the color reflection, then go to Type and click it you will get drop down list like as Blinn, Phong, Phone E. If you want to create water then select the “Ocean shader” and have to give lighting to reflect the water.

transparency glass, maya tutorials
Screenshot 5 | Type and Transparency

This is also belongs to your project to create the water like ocean or river along with light effects. For glass, glass table, object light reflections or refraction then, you need to select the option is Blinn, Phong and Phong E, you must select the Transparency option from the channel box.

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