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Gsm Gprs tracking gadgets tips

How to use GSM / GPRS Tracking Gadgets and Mobile Function Command.

The device GSM / GPRS abbreviation is “Global System/standard for Mobile communication" and GPRS abbreviation is “General Packet Radio Service" is an organization of mobile data standard of the 2G, 3G and 4G LTE cellular communication network.

Mobile GSM GPRS, Technical stuff
GSM/GPRS Tracking gadgets | Family safe

You can check in any device from google like mini A8 device is for track the location link to get message to your family member mobile phones, with some codes or command have to activate the device. You have to insert any SIM with internet data pack through regular recharge.

Mini A8 Gadget, Tracking location
GSM Mini A8 Gadget | Tracking Location

Example about a father or a mother and have a daughter or a son are there, the daughter or son go to school daily, a day missing and she or he carried the GSM or GPRS mini A8 device by press SOS button press and hold for few second then immediately the exact location tracking link sent to your mother or father mobile phone.

SIM card, Mini A8 device
Mini A8 Insert SIM | Back side cover

We can’t estimate everyday, what happens of tomorrow, just carry the device with you mini A8 or any best tracking device for your convenience of good purpose.

The GSM / GPRS tracking device have few method to communicate from mini A8 to your mobile phone with function command. The command have to send SMS from your mobile phone to mini A8 device or any other GSM / GPRS tracking gadgets. The command like based on device manual procedure. Need to note that read manual instruction before using the GSM / GPRS tracking gadget.

The command function are for Register is “RG+device mobile number”, check location then, send SMS “DW” to the tracking device mini A8, Open voice callback send SMS “1111” to the device mini A8 to communicate through mobile phone, for close voice callback send SMS “0000” to the device mini A8, for emergency alarm then, press “SOS” button in red color it will voice call to the mobile phone.

Function command, Computer tips and tricks
Mini A8 Function Command

The most important is command message, when you start to run the device; you must give authorization access to the mini A8 tracking gadget. So, send SMS as “SQ+device mobile number”, from your mobile phone to mini A8 device.

If you not require or don’t want to use further then, you can cancel the authorization of the mini A8 gadget. So, you have to send SMS as “SQ” to mini A8 device then, it will cancel the authorization. If you want to give the authorization to other person use this command then, repeat command for authorization from other person his or her mobile phone send SMS as “SQ+device mobile number” to mini A8 gadget.

The very important command is “DW” is to track the location person tracking web link. In your mobile phone, when get message with link. So, press the web link and open through your internet data, you can view the exact location view the Map with place name, name, House number, address, street number, state, city and pin code from daughter or son who carried the mini A8 device.

Mobile Phone SMS, Function command
Mobile phone SMS | Send | Receive

These tracking gadgets are very useful for family, kids, pets, vehicles etc. So, many things you can use the tracking device for good and safe way only. If you use any for harm it will be serious action will be take. Be safe while travelling, staying with strangers, school children, college, outside parties, etc.