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website browsing error in pc

How to fix the website browsing error in pc?

First step:

When open any website then we will get error like this of below Screen shot.  First we have to check internet connection is properly fetching data or not.

Open your computer’s proxy settings.

Your connection is not secure and SSL certificate
Screenshot 1 | Connection is not private

Open your browser and select settings or internet browser settings / Internet properties.  Primarily need to go proxy settings.  If you have any issue on SSL certificates.

In the internet properties clipboard go to Content tab and check the SSL certificate like as Clear SSL state-Click it once.  For your reference see below Screen shot.

Clear SSL sate, SSL certificate, Content license
Internet Properties | Content | Clear SSL state

Certificates use for encrypted connections and identification of websites.  Some antivirus detected for security reason, still continue the error then once turnoff the antivirus once and restart the computer after settings have changed.

Second step:

Another method to resolve the issue of error. Go to Internet properties settings then select “Connections tab”, then go to near “Local Area Network (LAN) settings tab”, then select the “LAN settings”.  After that you will appear settings of “Local Area Network (LAN) settings” and you have to deselect the checkup box once and click ok button of Automatically detect settings. 

If still same error appears then select the Enable the checkup box again.  Once do the restart the computer.

See below settings Screen shot. 

Local area network settings, network troubleshoot, browsing issue
Local Area Network (LAN) Settings

Third step:

Another method to resolve the issue of error. When come same issue. Go to Internet properties settings then select Advance tab, below appear the one button as (Reset…). 

It is the Reset Internet Explorer Settings.  It is ask that you want to reset all like as Disable toolbars and add-ons, Default web browser settings, Privacy settings, Security settings, advanced options, Tabbed browsing settings and Pop-up settings.  See below Screen shot for your reference.

Internet reset, PC troubleshoot, laptop network troubleshoot
Internet Properties | Advance | Reset

After you press the Reset button, then you will appear another clipboard like as below screen shot is for your reference.

Disabling, browser, default settings
Internet Properties | Reset

It will reset all your web browser settings like as “Resettings user customizations, Disabling browser add-ons and Applying default settings”.


If you tried above steps of your privacy issue error method and still continue the problems.  The best advice is the about of “Antivirus”.  When you have installed any kind of antivirus or had few antiviruses have licensed one.

If you may not renewal or did you do any antivirus uninstalled previously, such issues may affect this kind of errors.  So, please think twice before doing any such settings made or had any happened previously did any changes in antivirus settings.

If you have installed licensed antivirus, if still continue the same issue, then go to “Local Area Network (LAN) settings tab” and deselect the “Automatically detect settings” as above of second step method. If you do this your problem will be resolve with “Hundred Present”.

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