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3d Short film creating method

How to make Short films with imaginary stories?

First step:
We should take nice place to create stories, like as gardens, park or single room. We should make perfect timings to plan for stories.

Second step:Try to imagine different concepts of come with twist in stories and written in the book or paper to note the logic of the story.

Animation stories, Creative ideas, Animation Storyboard
Screenshot 1 | story board

Third step:

This is very important to start implement the story. Take a plan paper and pencil then start draws the imaginary ideas with simple understanding process called as storyboard.

How to make 3D animations short film?

First install the respected software as per system requirement such as 32-bit or 64-bit to run high quality software, first require system configuration should be good Hard Disk, RAM, Processor and HD monitor. Mostly use Graphic card for high quality animations or games.

Here, required to implement 3D animations. First need to do modeling using with polygons.

Modeling:  For modeling use polygons to create any object. Like as weapons, table, chairs, etc.

Textures: After modeling any object need to texture to look realistic with color changing.

Mapping: We should map exact look the object like as set design, houses, building etc.

Lighting: It is most important to look beautiful or attractive. It creates to best scenes.

Rendering: It is use for images or how scenes look after animate. We use best scenes before animate.

Rigging: It is use for movement of the body or any object. It gives life to character. Based on doing with three axes such as X, Y and Z axes.

Animate: After rigging then start as per our story requirement. We use mostly timeline (24 frames) and body of actions with the reference of our acting videos.

Camera angles: In the software have camera tool. It is like HD handy camera. Exactly we can take scenes 0.02 seconds to 0.15 seconds. Camera settings from 35 mm to 200 mm or mostly use 55 mm for best scenes. In the software have different camera like as single camera, Camera and Aim and Camera with crane as per our requirement, we can take best scenes from this camera options.

Video Edit: After created few scenes videos and duration at least one or two minutes, then take any best video editing software from website. Here is the most important factor of creating best short films making. Need to collect audios, music and own voice like as dialogues recorded. After edited the scenes as per our requirement and make sure that saving the movie then select good quality format like as HD 720, HD 1080, HD 1024 etc to get best quality of output video or image.

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