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pc or laptop network troubleshoot

How to do PC or Laptop Network troubleshooting?

First check internet cable properly connected to PC or laptop. Whether had any loose connection or internet server down? If these parts are running correctly, the next step is check on desktop task bar which have a small monitor icon available nearby date and time at the bottom right side of monitor.

Desktop internet resolve, network diagnostics
Screenshot 1 | Troubleshoot problems

Second step: Go to near small monitor icon and then have to mouse right click it and select “Troubleshoot problems” option, then after one wizard will appear like as “Windows Network Diagnostics”. There will ask some important feature of our requirement.

Troubleshoot problems, windows network diagnostics
Screenshot 2 | Network Diagnostics

My best option I will do, when I have faced the issues. It will ask you about of “What type of networking problems are you having”?

Windows have tested your internet connection and verified that you are able to access some websites. Are you looking for help with a different issue?

First option: I’m trying to reach a specific website or folder on a network. If you are facing any problem with particular website then take the http or https address line and paste it and press “Next” button to resolve the issue of a particular website.

Second option: I’m having a different problem. Show me other network troubleshooting options.

Here, you have to select this option any other option way to rectify the problem, and here you will get like as “Choose the networking issue to troubleshoot”, here three options available such as 1) Allow other computers to connect to this computer, 2) Connect to your workplace using Direct Access and 3) Use a specific network adapter (for example, Ethernet or wireless).

Internet connection issue, manual settings in network
Screenshot 3 | Choose the networking issue

The above options of first one for if you have more than one computer or laptop to share the data from one computer to other computer, this kind of part to resolve the issue of select this option.

Second  option for connect to your workplace means if you facing problem any website not access from the server than this option is useful to resolve the issue.

Third option is the best option. Who have PC or laptop in home or small business place?  Easily rectify the problem of this option.

If you select this third option then you will appear wizard like as “Select the network adapter to diagnose”.   It will ask you that “If you’re not sure, select the last option in the list”. On your computer PC or Laptop have more than one LAN card or Ethernet, it will detect the LAN card or Ethernet like as “Local Area Connection”, Local Area Connection 2 and all network adapter.

All network adapters, local area connections
Screenshot 4 | Select the network adapter

If you know very well which LAN card you have connected for internet or networking purpose than need to select appropriate option. If you don’t know the LAN card connection port on the motherboard which fixed on PCI slot, then better to select the last option as “All network adapter” and press Next button. After this you will get the information about internet or network or LAN card issue like as Network drivers or LAN card drivers not installed then must to install the drivers to overcome this issue.