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usb to pc mobile internet connection

How to do Mobile Internet connection to PC or Laptop with cable?

We can do mobile internet usage in our PC or Laptop with USB cable connection, if you facing any, WiFi connection hotspot. The other option is to use USB cable from mobile internet to PC internet. In your desktop PC or Laptop check Network connection working property or not, is already installed LAN drivers or not, if it already installed is fine to go next step.

From mobile male pin connect to USB male pin to PC or Laptop of female pin. After fixed the USB cable, you will shows on the PC monitor like as drivers are installed successfully.

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Screenshot 1 | Go to Settings |More

Now, go to the mobile (smart phones) must ON the internet access, while doing ON the internet, you should thoroughly check which SIM using the internet. If the internet Data pack not recharged, the internet will not work. To use internet you must recharge data pack and do the ON the internet.

hotspot internet connection with smart phone
Screenshot 2 |More | Tethering & portable hotspot

The final step is go to the mobile settings option click the more option, after that you will appear “Tethering & portable hotspot” click it, than after you will appear “USB tethering” option have disable or Enable. 

Using internet from smart phone gadgets
Screenshot 3 |More | Tethering & portable hotspot
| USB tethering Disable

When USB from mobile to PC then option activate by doing Enable than after go to PC or Laptop see network icon near data / time bottom right side corner of taskbar.

Internet issue, Enable or Disable the network
Screenshot 4 |Task bar | Network Icon Enable

In your PC / Laptop should have browsers like google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera any browsers. Open google chrome then type google.com and press enter. If it comes your connection settings is successfully connected.

PC connection through cable for internet usage
Tethering & portable hotspot | USB tethering Enable

If you facing any problem in data fetching from mobile then once remove the connection and wait for few minutes again reconnect to mobile pin. If still problem comes go to PC or Laptop network icon and click on it with right click and select network troubleshoot. Sometimes mobile signal with low, it may cause happen while browsing the site or downloads.

In your PC or Laptop USB port not available, you need to restart and press DEL or F2 to go BIOS setup or AMIBIOS setup and find the USB port is Disabled then change to Enable and press F10 or while exit save and press OK.