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What is an embedded system

What is an Embedded systems and Micro controller?

Micro controller is an inside circuit or chip, it is a small amount of device. Micro controller is different types of 8-bit or 16-bit or 32-bit; mostly used the device is 8-bit micro controller 8051 series.

The micro controller have 805x family series like 8051, 8052, 8053, AT89S52, AT89C51, AT89C52 etc., plenty type of micro controllers from Intel, phillips, Atmel, Dollar semi conductor etc.

The micro controller atmel 80xx series used for mini or major projects in embedded systems. The embedded system is a fix the components in PCB board to develop the projects as per requirements.

The embedded system is used for without human intervention the device work with timely manner run the device.

The embedded system, we can develop the computers, PC/Laptops, washing machine, micro Oven, digital watches, television, DVD players, vehicles car, video games, digital camera, mobile phones, satellites, robots etc.

The micro controller works with 40-pins, vcc 5vlts, Gnd, reset pin, 8-bit pins (four ports), EA (Enable access).

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Micro controller 8051 series 40-Pins

C language was developed by Dennis Ritchie.

The micro controller C51 ROM programmable done with flash programmable to write or erase the code. The code have to written in Keil C51 software in Embedded C code example is

void main()
unsigned char num[]="012345ABCD";
unsigned char z;
for (z=o; z<=20; z++)
Each processor is associated with embedded software. Embedded C language is most frequently used to programming in micro controller AT89S52 or AT89C51 any one.

Before going into the details of microcontroller C programming, we should know about RAM memory organization. It is a collection of one or more functions, and every function is a collection of statements performing a related task. As we know the C language is a middle-level language as it supports high-level applications and low-level applications.

C language is software designed with different keywords, variables, constants, data types, etc.

Embedded C is a generic term given to a programming language written in C, which is associated with particular hardware architecture.

Embedded C is an extension to the C language with few additional header files. The microcontroller 8051 #include<reg51.h> is used. There are three types of memory had in microcontrollers. SRAM, FLASH, and EEPROM memories. The architecture of a microcontroller may require that variables and constants be fixed in other types of memory.

Internal Data Memory Up to two fifty six bytes of internal data memory are available depending on the 8051 derivative. Locations available to the user occupy addressing space from 0 to seven Fh, i.e. first one twenty eight registers and this part of RAM is divided in several blocks.

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Screenshot 2 | Micro controller | Internal Data Memory

The first one twenty eighty bytes of internal data memory are both directly and indirectly addressable. The upper one twenty eighty bytes of data memory (from 0x80 to 0xFF) can be addressed only indirectly.

Program Memory (ROM) is used for permanent storage program (CODE) being executed. The memory is read only. Depending on the settings made in compiler, program memory may also used to store constant variables. The 8051 executes programs stored in program memory ROM only.

The code memory type specifier is used to refer to program memory. The 8051 memory organization allows external program memory to be added. How does the micro controller handle external memory depend on the pin EA logical state.