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3D display render settings window

How to do Display Render settings window in Maya software?

Render settings is main for output quality like as HD images or videos. We need to do settings proper way then only will come good quality of images or videos. The display render settings always useful for every aspect in your project.

When starting your project, then just go to display render settings and see below screenshot 1 then, change the settings as per your requirement. In this settings every resolution of the image calculation the pixel with low, medium and high quality.

Your system configuration should be high or medium, with 32-bit or 64-bit operating system for support or hold while doing render the image or video with HD 720 resolution quality.

Before taking any render images or scene video output, first go to settings icon for “Render Settings”.

animation settings, hd quality, best quality image
Screenshot 1 | Display Render Settings

After click the Display render settings you will be appear the wizard and there is available some option to change.

maya quality image, HD images jpeg, maya software
Screenshot 2 | Render settings | mental ray

After select “mental ray” there available the options like Common, Passes, Features, Quality, Indirect Lighting and Options.
First step go to common tab then change few settings in this tab like Color management  enable the option than after go to “image size” option Presets have different format like as  320x240, 640x480, Full 1024, Full 1280/Screen, HD720 and HD1080. For best the quality settings can use HD720 or HD1080 best videos quality format. You can change resolution from 72 to 95.

render the image, video quality settings process
Screenshot 3 | Image size | HD

Then after go to the Quality tab option go to the Quality Presets click drop down list and select “Production”. Then after go to Raytrace/Scanline Quality option and change the Max Sample Level to 2 to 4.

quality image maya, raytrace production tab
Screenshot 4 | Quality | Raytrace/Scanline

Last and final step is an Indirect Lighting tab select it, then go to an "Environment" option are two type they are 1) Image Based Lighting and 2) Physical Sun and Sky. If you want these option then click create option. It is creates like SUN and SKY lighting not required additional lights like point light, area light, spot light etc.

Then close the wizard and start to create the scene to play the video in HD quality to many short films or videos as per your story board.