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AdSense code and crawling login tips

What is AdSense Code and Crawling login access?

Adsense is for run Ads to earn income through website or youtube or blogger. For youtube have to reach four thousand hours and one thousand subscribers have to reach youtube will monetize for ads then after Adsense will approve and start ads to your uploaded videos and ads like display ads, skippable ads, non-skippable ads, Bumper ads etc.

The next one is content based website to approve from Adsense ads, your website or blogger must original content. To approve the Adsense you need to do something on our website or blogger like Java Script code or HTML code copy and paste. How to do crawling and index to our website or blogger and also sitemap through google search console (previously called google webmaster tool).

Google adsense, Website, Technical Stuff
Screenshot 1 | Menu list | Sites

After finished your website or blogger with original content developed then go to do Adsense login with your personal email id and left side menu list click “Site” and provide your website URL link like example.com or www.example.com and click to submit after you will appear the Adsense HTML header code.

Adsense approve the Add new website stuff
Screenshot 2 | go to Site | Add a new site

The HTML code must copy accurately and paste into your website or blogger. Login into your website or blogger go to theme editor select header theme and paste it near html header code as <html> “paste code here” and save it and exit from your website or blogger.

HTML Code paste in website edit theme settings
Screenshot 3 | Copy Adsense HTML code

Next go to Adsense website and click left side menu list and select “Account” and click on “Access and Authorization” you will get few option from here and select “Crawler access” after that right side you will appear “Add login details for your site” and click the “Add login details”.

Adsense Crawling method earning online
Screenshot 4 | Menu list | Account

You will get one login application then here you need to fill your website login and password (wordpress or godaddy or any Domain purchased).

For Crawling the website and Index the URL
Screenshot 5 | Menu list | Crawler Access

The main thing here is “Login method” you may select GET or POST to access your website authorization to google Adsense to craw the data from your website.

Crawler Access and Login details
Screenshot 6 | Menu list | Crawler Access | Add login details

When you create pages or post or images or link changes it will generate in index through robots txt. The robot txt is a major role to approve ads. If you want to check your website access or crawing or indexing just key in address bar as (your website/robots. txt) example (www.example.com/robots.txt) to know the status. If any previous do wrong things or duplicated or fraud the robot txt can block from googlebot then error happened then you need to improve or change as per Adsense policy guidelines. Better go to google help supports https ://support.google.com/adsense to know more clear understand the process and guidelines to get Adsense approval.

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